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Business Advice on Productivity for Beginner Entrepreneurs

Posted by Lucy Adams on Nov 22, 2016

Most successful business people work hard, devoting a lot of time and effort to their business. But hardworking is not the only thing that distinguishes them from the crowd and helps to stay on the crest of a wave.

Here are the basic ideas that successful entrepreneurs learn over time and which allow them to improve productivity and achieve perfect results in business.


The tips are gathered by Lucy Adams. Click and learn more about the author.

#1 Any Idea Has an Expiration Date

If you have a good idea that you believe worth time and effort, use it as soon as it appears. In most cases, ideas arise from everyday events. This means that something that came to your mind may immediately come to the mind of someone else. Of course, that does not mean you have to use anything you stumble upon. Be sure to consider it from different angles before start putting in the extra effort.

#2 Time for Work Depends on the Task

In most businesses, the whole activity is divided into two types: invention and communication. As a leader, you have to allocate adequate time to completing both tasks.

For example, if you have a startup, most likely, you’ll spend the lion’s share of time on inventing something new and exciting. But if you are already engaged in this business for some time, you may need to strengthen your communication with team and management.

You might want to devote some days entirely to the invention and communication. Some entrepreneurs prefer to split time by hours, for example, starting a day with something creative and passing to communication by noon.

Well, the correct time-management model is up to you. But the fact is that switching between tasks requires time. If you do something important, the brain requires full concentration. Thus, it is better not to stop and to bring it to an end.


#3 Set Your Deadline and Let Others Control It

Nothing motivates more than the external pressure, whether it comes from influence clients or colleagues and associates. Most people make plans, but very few stick to them, mostly because they are not accountable to anyone.

When you choose goals, establish deadlines and share them with people, you make a step of the control zone. For sure, people to whom you announce your plans must be truly interested in your business and have the status that makes them able to call you to account. These can be employees, investors, and even customers.

But be careful to declare only those tasks that you are really going to perform. Otherwise, the people with whom you communicate won’t take your business seriously. Keeping promises is an important part of winning customers’ trust as well.

#4 Reward Yourself for Diligence

People with a strong self-control earn more, have more friends, live longer, are more successful and satisfied with their lives. On the contrary, the belief that events control your life increases the level of stress because your start to believe that any situation is beyond your capabilities.

Self-control is something you can grow with time. Moreover, most of us have it from early childhood. Unfortunately, some people lose the sense of self-determination with time and forget how much they can influence their lives.

#5 Your Team is Successful Only if Each of the Members is Successful

There are five following principles that lie at the heart of the success of any team:

  • The stuff must be sure that the work is important.
  • Each member of the team must feel that he’s unique and meaningful.
  • The team has to have clear goals and distributed roles.
  • The members should know that they can rely on each other.
  • The members should feel safe.

Good leaders always end meetings with summarizing remarks of all participants. They notice when someone is upset and encourage him to share his feelings. They suppress internal conflicts and solve them through an open discussion.


#6 To Focus, Imagine Your Task in Details

People usually make mistakes when torn between automaticity and focus. Because of this, the use of automated systems in airplanes and cars is particularly dangerous. There were cases when the aircraft was wrecked because the pilots simply could not focus on the numerous sensors and scoreboards. That’s why in the age of automation, the ability to focus is more important than ever.

If you want to concentrate on work without being distracted by phone calls, chatter in the office and pointless messages in email, try to imagine your day in details right in the morning. During the meeting, mentally describe what you see and analyze what it means.

#7 Each Employee has the Right to Influence the Work of the Company

If someone in your team knows something better than others, he must share it. Take this as a principle. If the company does not benefit from this knowledge, it will be in vain. No matter how good your product is and how loyal your customers are, the company will not operate properly if employees do not trust each other and believe that they can be heard.

Successful companies avoid layoffs until there is an alternative. They invest in training, appreciate teamwork and comfort of the employees, offering them material support and the ability to work remotely. A company with a high level of trust won’t take the risk of firing an employee until there’s an alternative way to resolve disagreements.

Employees work better and faster when they believe that they can affect the performance of the company and make important decisions. The sense of control can increase motivation, but only if employees know that their suggestions will be heard and their mistakes won’t be used against them. The culture of trust does not guarantee good sales but allows you to create the ideal conditions for the generation of brilliant ideas.

#8 Get help and prepare to grow

Having the right team is not everything, many times when starting our own business we depend on other companies to achieve goals and acquire the development we are looking for, because of this, It is important seek help to perform activities such as payroll assistance, recruitment, accounting just to mention a few, thus delegating responsibilities helps to focus on what really interests us what means that we’ll spend more time in our main tasks to reach targets that will make the team grow. Most successful businesses had to rely on others to reach the top.

Being prepared for growth not only involves knowledge or skills but also a change of mindset will accelerate success.

I wish your best of luck in your business endeavors!


Lucy Adams is an outsourcer from edublogawards.org. She is a generalist; that’s why you can’t know whether your suggestion suits her until you share it. Lucy prefers topics on education, writing, business, marketing, and a few more. Don’t miss your chance to add some value to your blog at no cost!




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